“We are Business Transformers enabling the Pioneers of the new Sustainable Economy”

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We are Business Transformers

and a Network of Environmental Specialists on a Mission to challenge the status quo. We Research the Pioneers of this new Sustainable Economy and the tangible Solutions that drive Positive Impact in each Industry.

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We Co-engineer with our Clients

new Business Models, designing better Products & Services, innovating with Value Chain Partners, transforming Processes with Technology to empower Change Makers, and defining new Leadership.

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We are unique

because of the way we combine Sustainability, Business & Technology Consulting together to achieve Holistic Transformation & Systemic Impact.sses with Technology to empower Change Makers, and defining new Leadership.

Come work with us

if you are ready to rethink your business A to Z and lead the Change.

Don’t work with us

if you just want to follow regulations or your Competitors.


“We walk-the-talk and lead by example in our Industry”

We are a pending B-Corp that is aiming to walk-the-talk with strong commitments to share value with all our Stakeholders (Clients, Partners and Employees), and also operate within Planetary Boundaries, with a special focus on Climate Neutrality (B corp climate pledge & SBTi Net Zero). We aim at reducing our Carbon Emission to the maximum of what a Consulting Service Company can achieve today, and use mindful Carbon Removals of our Residual Emissions through carefully selected Nature Based Solutions.
That’s why we favor “Remote First” interactions to minimize our travel footprint.
As we believe in congruence, we encourage each employee’s exemplary behavior by supporting personal initiatives.

1% for the Planet

We are also part of the 1% for the Planet network, committing a minimum 1% of our annual revenues to support environmental protection or restoration programs. We actually committed to give-up 25% of our Profits for Environmental Causes.

Partners & Associates

Vincent Stuhlen founder of impactlabs.earth

Vincent Stuhlen


20 years experience in Digital & Data Transformation of large Corporations at C-level, and launching several Tech Start-ups. Since 2019, founder of Digital4Impact, supporting the re-engineering of the next generation of Impact Businesses through Digital Technologies & Innovation. Founder of Impact Labs in charge of Strategy & Change with a passion for Impact & Nature.… read more

Vincent Stuhlen founder of impactlabs.earth

Marine Utgé-Royo

Co-Founder – Head of Innovation

15 years experience in Environmental and Social Impact. French Diplomat turned Entrepreneur, Marine managed Sustainable Development projects in 4 countries prior to cofounding Green Tech Start-up Tesselo in 2017, developing satellite imagery AI to monitor natural resources globally. Co-Founder of Impact Labs in charge of Technology & Innovation… read more

Vincent Stuhlen founder of impactlabs.earth

Julien Devaureix

Co-Founder – Head of Research

Founder and host since 2018 of the popular podcast Sismique, an investigation on the systemic changes at play in the world. 15 years experience in Marketing and Digital Transformation of large Corporations in Paris, and Hong Kong.
Co-Founder of Impact Labs in charge of Research & Podcas… read more

Vincent Stuhlen founder of impactlabs.earth

Elisa Gomez Gonzalez

Sustainability Strategist for Impact

10 years accomplished Sustainability Director with proven track record and extensive industry experience to optimize business operations through alignment with sustainability frameworks. Committed to integrating sustainable development across all sectors. Associate at Impact Labs in charge of Sustainability Solutions… read more

Vincent Stuhlen founder of impactlabs.earth

Grégoire Lepault

Associate – Head of Technology & Data

3 years of experience in a consulting company specializing in the digital transformation of its clients. Involved in several projects to fight against global warming, such as “Data For Good” or “La Fresque du Climat”. Graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and ISAE-Supaero, specializing in mechanics engineering and data science. … read more

Vincent Stuhlen founder of impactlabs.earth

Laima Barros

Sustainability Engineer

Laima is Angolan and Portuguese, she holds a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and a Master’s in Environmental Engineering from NOVA School of Science and Technology. She wants to put companies on track to build a healthy and sustainable future, using tech & data science. When she’s not working, you can find her reading literary fiction, enjoying the cultural ambience of Lisbon or painting.

Vincent Stuhlen founder of impactlabs.earth

Bernardo Jerónimo

Sustainability Engineer

Bernardo Jerónimo is Portuguese and studied Environmental Engineering in NOVA School of Science and Technology. He is passionate about innovation and how it can drive companies to switch from traditional business models to more sustainable ones. When he’s not working, you can find Bernardo reading or exercising.


We have gathered a Network of Experts who can drill deeper & deliver some specialized work with deep Industry knowledge when needed by our Clients.
We select & evaluate our external Network Experts with the same rigor as our internal team. Their integration into our Team is transparent & seamless for our Clients.

Eco-Design Experts

Life-Cycle Analysts

Carbon Management Experts

Nature Based Solutions Experts

Data Engineers

Data Scientists


To be able to offer end-to-end Solutions and Scale fast on demand, we have partnered with Specialized Impact Consulting & Technology Partners that each deliver a specific Solution to our Clients’ Challenges.

Specialized Impact Solutions Partners

Impact Technologies & Data Partners

Impact Ecosystem Partners

If you are ready to make a Change, start your Transformation Journey with us now.