We have developed powerful Impact Acceleration and Business Transformation Processes

They allow us to devise for the Digital Sustainability Strategy, evolution of existing Offering, new Offering Design, internal Corporate Social Responsibility program, sometimes leading into B-Corp certification.

Strategy Phase

First 100 days


What: The Initial Phase where we provide the full picture of the stakes, of the stakeholders, propose a pathway for Change, and crack a Purpose if needed.

Work: Impact Labs 80% / Client 20% (Interviews + few workshops + 3 monthly committees)

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  1. Discovery: understanding Systemic Challenges, Industry, Competition & Technology Trends
  2. Impact Measurement: Company Impact Assessment
  3. Purpose Design: if needed, we can help craft the sense of Purpose that will rally all stakeholders of the Company around one inspiring Vision & Mission
  4. Strategy: defining an Impact or Sustainability Strategy with Roadmap

Product & Services Innovation Phase

typically another 3 months


What: Touching the hearth of the Business and the Value Chain

Work: Impact Labs & Partners 50% / Client 50% (workshops, monthly committees)

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  1. Eco-Design: putting together the right Specialists to rethink the
  2. ProductsTechnology Sourcing: Digital Technologies scouting & selection to match the objectives
  3. Eco-Systemic Innovation: looking at the Value Chain stakeholders and opportunities to source & produce better

Business Transformation Phase

typically another 6 months


What: We then support the implementation of the plan, A to Z

Work: Impact Labs 20% / Client 80% (projects, monthly committees)

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  • Transformation Steering Committee: coaching the Management Team to drive the Change
  • Pilots Implementation: supporting Teams with proper implementation using Agile methodology
  • Impact Measurement Automation: implementing the right system to Measure & Report as efficiently as possible. Potential intervention of Specialized Integration Partner if needed
  • Teams set-up & Upskilling: Experts upskilling for autonomy, and Company wide Training if required to adhere to the Purpose
  • Eco-System Stakeholders Engagement: engaging with key Stakeholders (Suppliers & Clients) to fully integrate them in the journey
    Certification: we support Company’s Certification as a B-Corp, ideally an Outstanding one. Other Certifications possible (SBTi, CDP, etc….)
  • Impact Reporting: we help set-up the first Holistic Impact Report, and off we go.

After this process, you will be in full capacity to drive the Transformation until completion.


What our clients say

We are fortunate to work with the Pioneers & Leaders of the Impact Economy. We build long lasting relationships to support implementation of Plan until Transformation is completed. And beyond.

If you are ready to make a Change, start your Transformation Journey with us now.