We are both a Research Lab & a Business Transformation Consulting Boutique

We Research the Pioneers of this new Sustainable Economy and the tangible Solutions that drive Positive Impact in each Industry

We Co-engineer new Business Models with our Clients, designing better Products & Services, innovating with Value Chain Partners, transforming Processes with Technology to address Sustainability Challenges.

We DON’T DO ONE SHOT CONSULTING, rather Systemic Transformation that fully empowers Founders, Executives, Employers & Partners to sail the journey.

Our Solutions

We have a unique set of Services & Processes to deliver Business Transformation & Impact Acceleration

Business Transformation

of Purpose driven Companies

Impact Acceleration

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Sustainability Strategy

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Business Transformation


Technology & Data

impact labs earth

1. Vision

2. Sustainability Strategy

3. Eco-Systemic Innovation

4. Technology & Data

5. Business Transformation

6. Regeneration


Awareness & Purpose Design


Impact Pioneers teach us that concrete Impact is only realized from an acute Awareness of the Systemic problems, the stakes, the stakeholders and the value chain in which they are playing. We spark a reflection around your mission and help you (re)define a meaningful Purpose for the Company, that will bind all stakeholders, inside-out, to drive Impact and Value creation. Without a clear Purpose, any Sustainability Strategy will end up with marginal Impact and often Green-washing. We help you engineer and embed that Purpose into Business with several Tools.

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  • Systemic Challenges: understanding the Science & limits of our Economy by talking to us or worldwide renowned experts
  • Eco-Awareness: understanding the Planetary Boundaries through different fresks 
  • Transition Prospective: using Design Fiction to foresee possible futures
  • Purpose Design: using Design Thinking to put it all together into a Purpose

Sustainability Strategy

Science-Based Impact reduction


Precise Impact Measurement is the foundation of Sustainable Business Transformation. From Systemic Risks to Environmental Footprinting, our Environmental Engineers put together the latest data & tools to run a 360º analysis, positioning your Company against its Competition. From there, we devise for the right Reduction Pathway using the latest Science to set objectives.
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  • Materiality Analysis: mapping and quantifying the Risks for your Business
  • Impact Measurement:
  • Environmental Footprinting: using Life Cycle Assessment at Product or Company level to assessCarbon, Water and other dimension consumption level
  • Science Based Targets: devising for Reduction Pathways aligned with the latest Science Evidence
  • Offsetting:  advising for the best way to remove Residual Emissions, mostly through Nature Based Solutions
  • Certification & Reporting: advising for the most relevant Labeling and Reporting Frameworks (GRI, CDP…)

Eco-Systemic Innovation

Blue Ocean Value Chain Innovation


For your Company to reach its Environmental Impact Reduction Targets, we re-engineer your Products and Services Value Chain. We help you break the Business-as-Usual cycle through Innovation Scouting, Eco-Design and our Impact Research activities, studying Industry Pioneers.

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  • Customer Needs Research: understanding Core Needs and tolerance for substitution
  • Blue Ocean Innovation: methodology for Radical Innovation, forcing to make sound arbitrage between Consumer needs & Impact
  • Product & Service Eco-Design: partnering with leading Eco-Design Specialists within each Industry from our Experts Network to re-Engineer the heart of your Business
  • Innovation Scouting & Open-Innovation:  setting-up an Innovation Eco-System that enables to source & cascade the objectives across the Value Chain

Technology & Data

Digitalizing your Sustainability Journey


Digital has become instrumental in enabling Sustainability Metiers. From Automated Carbon Measurement to Eco-Design and Carbon Offsetting Marketplaces, we have been scouting, mapping and analyzing Impact Tech for the last 3 years, allowing us to advise you for the best Digital solutions for your Sustainable Business Transformation journey.

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  • Technology Landscape Analysis: understanding the Digital Technologies that are changing the game for Sustainability
  • Specialized SaaS Solutions & Integration Partners Selection: finding the best fit for your needs, advising for Make or Buy strategies when relevant
  • Impact Analytics: defining the right set of KPIs that trigger decision and action, designing the Dashboards, and automating them

Training for Self-sufficiency: empowering your key stakeholders to use those Technologies to drive the Business everyday

Business Transformation

Sustainable Business Model Re-engineering


Putting it all together to deliver Sustainable Business Growth, Positive Impact & Resilience for Business that are ready and willing to Transform, guided by a strong sense of Purpose & pioneering Leaders.
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  • Sustainable Business Strategy: crossing the Sustainability goals with the Business Plan into a meaningful & integrated Strategy
  • Business Model Re-engineering: understanding the financial Impact of the Sustainable Business Strategy on the P&L (COGS, A&P, WACC…)
  • Implementation Playbook: step by step Roadmap to implement Strategy successfully, from Quick Wins to Pilots & Core Business Transformation
  • Strategic Enablers: People / Tech / Budget – what’s needed to execute the Plan
  • Strategic Marketing: leveraging the investments to create a unique Position in the Industry, creating long term Customer Preference, Organic Visibility and Recommendation
  • ROI of Sustainability: ultimately, understanding the Return on Impact, or the economics of Sustainability Investment (on revenues, assets valorization), based on available Data in the Industry.

Impact Acceleration

Accelerating & Scaling Impact


Putting it all together to deliver Sustainable Business Growth, Positive Impact & Resilience.
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  • Same topics, different Purpose and different scale
Regeneration Impact Labs.earth


Nature Positive Solutions for Planet Earth


This Transition will be the hardest of all, making Digital Transformation a piece of cake, and classic Business-as-Usual Leadership Skills a vestige from the past. We need new Captains who can rally the whole Organization around the Company Purpose, and engage all Stakeholders in the journey. We coach those Captains to sail the Company safely across the Transformation journey.

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  • Impact & Sustainability Role Models: learning from the Leaders of the Impact & Regenerative Economy
  • Talent of tomorrow: mapping the Talent & Organization needed for the Transition
  • Training & Upskilling Programs: letting your Employees become the Change Makers
  • Stakeholders Engagement: beyond your Company walls, engaging your key external stakeholders to make them take their fair share of the journey
  • Coaching for Change: Coaching to empower the Executives to drive the Change, often through Transformation SteerCo & personal support


In the last 3 years, we have developed Impact Acceleration & Business Transformation Process

From the first 100 days to engage key Stakeholders and formulate Strategy, to Core Product & Services Co-Design, Business Model Re-Engineering, until Company Transformation realized, discover our unique Process that is building on 20 years of Digital Transformation practice at scale.


Sustainable Business Transformation realized

We consider 2020 is the start of the Impact era: Sustainable Business Transformation realized with measured significant Positive Impact, which is to consider the full costs of doing Business, integrating the Social & Environmental impacts of operations across the Supply Chain, ultimately creating Stakeholder Value with all its value chain partners. 
Discover how we deliver Impact with our Clients.


What our clients say

We are fortunate to work with the Pioneers & Leaders of the Impact Economy. We build long lasting relationships to support implementation of Plan until Transformation is completed. And beyond.

If you are ready to make a Change, start your Transformation Journey with us now.