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We consider 2020 is the start of the Impact era: Sustainable Business Transformation realized with measured significant Positive Impact, which is to consider the full costs of doing Business, integrating the Social & Environmental impacts of operations across the Supply Chain, ultimately creating Stakeholder Value with all its value chain partners. It will necessarily reshape business models for more Circularity, more Frugality, or even become more Regenerative.


Discover our 3 months Acceleration Process and Transformation Model

In the last 2 years, we have developed a 3 months Acceleration Process and a Transformation Model that allows to devise for the Digital Sustainability Strategy, evolution of existing Offering, new Offering Design, internal Corporate Social Responsability program, sometimes leading into B-Corp certification. The Strategy is followed by an implementation Steering Committee that will supervise execution. Monitoring of success can be done by joining Client’s Advisory Board.


We work for clients who have a genuine intention to drive impact and run their business responsibly.


Our clients reduced their carbon footprint up to 30%

With them, we aim to achieve quantitative Impact at 5 levels:

  • Improve Operations
  • Optimize the Core Products or Services
  • Engineer the next generation of Sustainable Offering
  • Seek for broader Impact across the Supply Chain
  • and ultimately compensate smartly with Nature Regeneration programs


What our clients say

We are fortunate to work with the Pioneers & Leaders of the Impact Economy. We build long lasting relationships to support implementation of Plan until Transformation is completed. And beyond.

Systemic Challenges

Understand the forces that shape the Economy

BLOG: “Science sans Conscience n’est que ruine de l’âme”

Technology for Sustainability is a key lever for the Business Transformation towards a regenerative economy. Impact Labs 4 Earth highlights the opportunity to transition to a Regenerative Economy, and join a new Renaissance, where businesses are Nature Positive and lead an era of digitally enabled sustainability.

Emmanuel Hache Minerals and Metal A Strategic Challenge Sismique

PODCAST: Minerals and Metals – A Strategic Challenge

We too often forget that our entire civilization is based on the extraction of matter, this is called extractivism. That is, to make concrete you need sand, to make steel you need iron and of course, fossil fuels.

At a time when mines are reopening in Europe, the question of energy sovereignty and its economic, geopolitical and of course environmental and social costs arises.

Ryan-Gellert Podcast

PODCAST: Patagonia – In business to save our Planet

Ryan is the CEO of Patagonia on how a business can be a force for good.
Patagonia is one of the most famous outdoor brands in the world and is also renowned for leading the pack when it comes to experimenting a different way of conceiving and running a business.

PODCAST: The end of our Economic Model

Gaël Giraud est économiste, directeur de recherche au CNRS, professeur à l’École nationale des ponts et chaussées et auteur. Il dirige le programme justice environnementale de Georgetown University.

PODCAST: The end of Growth?

Il y a 50 ans Dennis Meadows co-publiait le fameux rapport « Meadows »..
Ce rapport est aussi appelé rapport du Club de Rome, ou « limits to growth ».

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