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360º Impact Analytics

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Business Model Transformation

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We consider 2020 is the start of the Impact era: Sustainable Business Transformation realized with measured significant Positive Impact, which is to consider the full costs of doing Business, integrating the Social & Environmental impacts of operations across the Supply Chain, ultimately creating Stakeholder Value with all its value chain partners. It will necessarily reshape business models for more Circularity, more Frugality, or even become more Regenerative.


Discover our 3 months Acceleration Process and Transformation Model

In the last 2 years, we have developed a 3 months Acceleration Process and a Transformation Model that allows to devise for the Digital Sustainability Strategy, evolution of existing Offering, new Offering Design, internal Corporate Social Responsability program, sometimes leading into B-Corp certification. The Strategy is followed by an implementation Steering Committee that will supervise execution. Monitoring of success can be done by joining Client’s Advisory Board.


We work for clients who have a genuine intention to drive impact and run their business responsibly.


Our clients reduced their carbon footprint up to 30%

With them, we aim to achieve quantitative Impact at 5 levels:

  • Improve Operations
  • Optimize the Core Products or Services
  • Engineer the next generation of Sustainable Offering
  • Seek for broader Impact across the Supply Chain
  • and ultimately compensate smartly with Nature Regeneration programs


What our clients say

We are fortunate to work with the Pioneers & Leaders of the Impact Economy. We build long lasting relationships to support implementation of Plan until Transformation is completed. And beyond.

Systemic Challenges

Understand the forces that shape the Regenerative Economy

#REBOOT Business 05 – Business for Good

GM of Patagonia on how a business can be a force for good.

In this episode, I talk to Ryan Gellert, General Manager of the EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, Africa) region about the big challenges of our time and the role that a business can and should play in addressing these.

#REBOOT Business 04 – L’entreprise Régénérative pour Ambition

Christophe Sempels is a recognized expert in sustainable and innovative economic models. For some, discussing regenerative economics might be seen as jumping the gun or, at worst, a utopia. However, for others like Christophe, it’s the only truly viable ambition if we want there to be an economy in a few decades and, most importantly, a living world where humans can thrive, nothing less than that.

#REBOOT Business 03 – Le grand défi de la réinvention

Virginie Raisson is a geopolitical analyst and futurist. She recently co-founded an initiative called GRANDE DEFI (Enterprises for the Planet), which aims to mobilize businesses and their ecosystem to consider the creation of a new model of economic, humanistic, and regenerative prosperity.

#REBOOT Business 02 – La Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat

In this episode of #REBOOT Business Eric Duverger talks about the creation of the “Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat” and about ways of doing business aligned with the planetary boundaries and the ecological transition.

#REBOOT Business 01 – Réduire et compenser les émissions de carbone

Climate change is now on everyone’s mind and all companies are required to integrate decarbonization efforts into their strategy. In this episode, we talk about how to achieve that with Tristan Lecompte, touching on his vision of corporate responsibility, the carbon market, compensation mechanisms, and offsetting & insetting.

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