Ekimetrics just joined the very few “Entreprises à Mission” (Benefit Corporation under US law, less than 1000 companies in France, and only a few in Tech). A key milestone and achievement after a 2 years Transformation process that is making the “Data science for a sustainable business performance” company, a Sustainable leader in Tech.

We supported the engagement process to help this fantastic Company achieve the following steps:

  • Set a clear Intention with Leaders
    Being aware of what is at stake, all 4 founders were convinced, by Heart & Mind, that they had to do some serious changes to their Business. With personal convictions, a sense of responsibility, and strong ethics, all this was crystallized in a clear intention, which is essential to start a demanding transformation process;
  • Nail a serious Company Purpose
    In the case of Ekimetrics, shift the business model to have a majority of consulting revenues supporting Sustainable Transformation and Decarbonization of their clients, and to always use Technology & AI ethically;
  • Transform the Core
    Make sure each pillar of their business has Sustainability objectives. When providing consulting services to clients with the aim of supporting the growth of a given product (i.e. Marketing Mix Modelling), guarantee that sustainability principles are applied to support the transition to greener products going against the Business-as-Usual paradigm;
  • Create an Impact offering
    Develop a dedicated offer that would focus solely on Impact: AI 4 Sustainability. Be equipped with a set of Data Science capabilities to better measure the impact of business, understand the different possible pathways and optimize accordingly, starting with carbon;
  • Congruence with Sustainability Objectives
    Make a courageous decision: divest the Clients whose Businesses go in the opposite direction of the sustainability objectives;
  • Walk the Talk
    If you support the Decarbonization of your Clients, show the way! This includes engaging in precise Carbon Footprint measurements, Science-Based Reduction Targets, and Engagement of all Employees to take their fair share of the journey. Give time to Employees to contribute to non-profit initiatives (like Data for Good), or develop Open Source Data Products that are a common good, like the now famous ClimateGPT. This has an immediate impact on Employee retention who find a new Purpose to come to work;
  • Engage key Stakeholders in the process
    Starting with investors, convincing them they could achieve both Business & Sustainability goals. Tikehau Capital followed their Leadership;
  • Change your Governance
    As the “Entreprise à Mission” (Benefit Corporation) status requires, they set up a “Mission Board”, independent from the Board of Directors, to govern the Mission and achievement of Sustainability targets;
  • Prove you are doing it
    Engage in B Corp certification, and rigorous Sustainability Reporting to all stakeholders.

From enlightened Leadership to Employee engagement and Business Model Transformation, a courageous transformation that is proving to create value for its main stakeholders: People, Planet, Partners and Shareholders.

We are very proud of Ekimetrics for this journey, proud of the work accomplished with them, and very happy to serve on their “Mission Board” to help them achieve their Mission.

Congratulations to the founders and all employees, for showing a beautiful and meaningful trajectory for Tech Companies.

We have a page detailing the Ekimetrics Impact Transformation Case

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