Amélie Boudon


Sustainable Innovation, Innovation strategy & methodology, New business models & circular services


5 years of experience in project management and sustainable innovation consultancy for big corporations

Personal Impact

After first calculating her personal carbon footprint, Amélie decided to take action to reduce it. She is now a vegetarian, tries to consume more responsibly, has stopped taking the plane, and prioritizes low-emission transport modes (bus, train, …).    

Business Impact

Bringing together startups and big corporations to develop new sustainable solutions to tackle the big environmental challenges ahead of us.


In her free time, Amélie enjoys spending time outdoors, in contact with nature, and practicing sports like kitesurfing or climbing.

Vincent Stuhlen founder of

Amélie Boudon


Amélie is a Senior Innovation LEad

Amélie is a biotechnology engineer with 5 years of experience in project management and sustainable innovation consultancy.

She started her career working for Eurofins as a project engineer, she participated in structuring and developing the water testing business line in France. She led various projects working on the operations (lean management, key performance reporting analysis), but also on the financial strategy (cost reduction and P&L forecast), and environmental-related projects such as waste management.

After this first experience, and eager to make a positive impact on the planet, she joined Possible Future, a consultancy firm dedicated to sustainable innovation. She worked with big corporations like Decathlon, Accor, and Saint-Gobain; leading projects to define their sustainable strategy, anticipate the big challenges ahead of them, and helping them develop new offers and services that are more respectful to the environment, focusing on implementing more circular practices.

Amélie is passionate about the development of more sustainable practices and tries to instill them as much as possible in her work, but also in her day-to-day life raising awareness on climate change challenges and the stakes of biodiversity loss through the organization of climate fresk and biodiversity fresk workshops.

Amélie joined Impact Labs to have a significant impact and to support companies in their ecological transition.