Environmental Systems


Academic Research, Environmental Systems

Personal Impact

Adopted a plant-based diet in 2016; Participated in voluntary sustainability awareness initiatives; and continuously tries to incorporate more sustainable actions into daily life   

Business Impact

Working to impact businesses to change their mindset towards sustainability, ultimately stimulating their positive environmental impact 


Learning and understanding more and more, using my knowledge and experience to stimulate real positive impact

Vincent Stuhlen founder of

Laima Barros


Laima is a sustainability engineer

Laima has a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Lisbon, which allowed her to develop research and lab experience. During her academic path, she maintained a curiosity and care toward sustainability topics, which led her to NOVA School of Science and Technology, where she got her master’s in Environmental Engineering.

Laima has participated in voluntary initiatives with the goal of stimulating a positive impact and learning from experienced professionals in the sustainability field. She also participated in EIT’s Climate-KIC Leadership Journey, where she learned how to develop sustainability strategies and solutions working with multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams of sustainability professionals.

Her curiosity and passion for learning have led her to pursue an internship with ImpactLabs during the last year of her master’s, leading to her current position where she is continuously learning from her colleagues and clients, and leveraging her knowledge to accelerate the decrease of negative environmental impact and stimulate the transition to nature-positive business models.