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Quantis – Digital Transformation of Environmental Consulting leader

Implementation of an Acceleration Program with a focus on integrating digital technologies for analysis into their sustainability strategy

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Becoming the leader in Sustainable Corporate Information now digitalizing its consulting process & impact


Quantis is a leader in Sustainable Transformation for leading consumer goods and financial services organizations. They combine the latest science with business astuteness in order to create businesses that operate within the planetary boundaries.

We supported Quantis in the implementation of a 3 month-long Acceleration Program, to help them analyze and integrate digital opportunities into their sustainability strategy. This enabled them to improve the measurement of emissions of GHG across all scopes (1, 2 and 3), optimize their business processes, better support eco-design, and accelerate the achievement of targets across business units. 


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Consulting Services Digitalization

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Impact Analytics

Digital & Data Solutions for Clients



Digital Strategy & Roadmap definition for Scale


Consulting Services Digitalization to increase productivity & scale

Understanding the Consulting process, tools and capabilities to define what can be automated, accelerated, and with which technologies & new processes. The main goal was to unleash the time of consultants on repetitive or low value-added tasks (especially on optimized Data acquisition) to let them focus on value-added recommendations and solutions for Carbon reduction in the supply chain. Analyzing leading & emerging Software Solutions on the Market to support the Consulting process. Also a focus on Knowledge Management to regroup critical knowledge across industries.

#Impact Analytics

Digital & Data Solutions for Clients

From a existing rich set of Digital & Data solutions with some good functionality & Client adoption, complete analysis of the internal Capabilities and the Market, from custom tools of Consulting Competitors to specialized SaaS Software Pure Players, allowing to better understand the best Capabilities / Clients / Market fit, and where to focus developments, prioritizing features with highest Impact and lowest Complexity, putting together Agile development processes and Client facing Product Ownership.


Digital Strategy & Roadmap definition for Scale

Putting it all together into a meaningful Digital Strategy & implementation Roadmap to support the 2x Acceleration of growth.

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  • Technologies
  • Internal Capabilities
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The leader in SUSTAINABLE Corporate Information now digitalizing its consulting process & impact

Quantis aims to transform businesses so they operate within planetary boundaries. To integrate their values into their operations they worked with ImpactLabs Earth in the implementation of the Acceleration Program. 

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Purpose  Accelerate the Big Corporations Sustainable Transformation
People: Positive Impact on Clients Employees & stakeholders
Planet: Support decarbonization of the economy to fight against Climate Change, and Nature Positive impact of companies
“Impact Labs has been instrumental to shape our Digital Strategy, to Augment our Impact Consulting services by increasing productivity, and make the right decision to Make or Buy our software solutions. But also to prioritize our activities where we could achieve maximum Impact most efficiently.”
Dimitri Caudrelier

CEO, Quantis