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Amorino – Towards a Data-driven Sustainability Strategy

Evaluation of existing Sustainability initiatives & Path Design towards authentic consumer engagement

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Sustainability initiatives Assessment and Roadmapping towards a data-driven, holistic approach


Amorino is a chain of ice-cream boutiques, operating on a franchise model across 18 countries, with Headquarters in France. Since its creation, Amorino maintains a dedication to producing artisanal gelato, based on the finest Italian recipes.

Amorino has a selection of carefully sourced ingredients, free of preservatives, artificial flavors and flavor enhancers. Amorino was awarded the Vegan Society’s seal of approval for its entire range of sorbets in 2016, and they have over 20 organic flavors, all ECOCERT certified.






HQ in France

Transformation Mission



Understanding the environmental impact of the food value chain

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Sustainability Engineering

Stimulating data-driven sustainability decision-making


Business Transformation

Leveraging environmental insights for strategic marketing to engage stakeholders


Understanding the environmental impact of the food value chain

To engage in sustainable transformation, there needs to be a deep understanding of Sustainability foundation concepts across all key company functions. To achieve this, building on Amorino’s previous steps in sustainability, we conducted awareness-raising workshops about the environmental impact of the food value chain. Providing background information on sectoral environmental impacts helps to strategize efficiently and to perform aware decision-making.To understand how the food sector is integrating sustainability practices, we also elaborated a market analysis and benchmark identifying the latest sustainability trends in the ice cream industry. 


Stimulating data-driven sustainability decision-making

In order to engage in a data-driven sustainability approach, we performed an audit of Amorino’s sustainability action plan assessed against an existing environmental footprinting. By assessing Amorino’s real impact and having a keen understanding of what has been done (scope and performance metrics), it was possible to craft a sustainability roadmap with better prioritization and more alignment with environmental impact data. This was accompanied by cost-benefit analysis to ascertain which solutions and actions were to be prioritized.

#Business Transformation

Leveraging environmental insights for strategic marketing 

The goal was to help Amorino integrate sustainability content in their dialogue with key stakeholders, namely consumers and employees, and to increase their already solid brand reputation on the market. The first priority was appealing to more eco-conscious customers and engaging all consumers with Amorino’s sustainability goals. For this, we crafted stakeholder engagement guidelines and communication recommendations, keeping in mind the European directives on Green Claims.


Sustainability initiatives Assessment and Roadmapping towards a data-driven, holistic approach


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Purpose: Increasingly incarnate Al Naturale motto by preserving nature

People: Engage internal and external stakeholders

Planet: Prioritize sustainability actions according to their absolute environmental impact 

Profits: Maintain leader position within the premium ice cream market while moving the needle on Sustainability