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PUR Projet – Digital Transformation to Scale Impact

6 months Transformation Program to define a strong data and digital strategy driving growth, to source the right tech and science partners to strengthen market position and to digitalize the whole value chain

#Eco-systemic Innovation    #Digitalization   #Impact Analytics
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+100 M tons of sequestered Carbon. Enable spectacular scale-up to absorb x3 growth in the next 3 years.


PUR Projet is a certified B Corp, global leader in Nature-Based Solutions and the original Insetting organization. PUR Projet works with over 150 companies across 40 countries to regenerate ecosystems while empowering local communities to operate long-term socio-environmental projects including agroforestry, land preservation and sustainable agricultural practices.

Over the past years, PUR Project has developed an ever-increasing soil & vegetation CO2 sequestration offer, serving large corporate worldwide willing to fulfill their carbon-reduction commitments.




Large Corporations WW using raw material and/or willing to offset their C02


HQ in FR, plantations managed in 40+ countries mainly Asia, Africa, LATAM

Transformation Mission


Eco-systemic Innovation

Sourcing of key Technology Partners & Pilots Implementation



Definition & Implementation of a Complete Data & Digital Strategy

Impact Analysis

Impact Analytics

Redefinition of Core Impact KPIs, Measurement & Reporting frameworks for PUR to become a leading Data-driven Agro-Forestry organization

#Eco-systemic Innovation

Sourcing of key Technology Partners

Over the past decade, satellite imagery price drop and AI breakthrough have opened the way to large-scale continuous land monitoring at affordable cost. To face its expected high growth in the coming years, it is critical for PUR Projet to partner up with a cutting-edge remote sensing company that will automate plantation monitoring

We have carried on a market analysis of most cutting-edge satellite and drone-based AI companies worldwide, including technical demos. We have helped PUR Projet translate the impact of this new tech paradigm in terms of business model adjustment, market position and tech & science partnership strategy. We have assisted PUR along the whole Remote Sensing RFP process, from pilot projects definition to partner selection and final integration.


Definition & Implementation of a Complete Digital Strategy

We have evidenced the critical role Digital Technologies can play to Accelerate PUR Projet growth and help the company remain ahead of Competition. We have screened PUR Supply Chain to map efficiency & skills gaps. We have co-crafted a complete Digitalization Strategy encompassing a vast array of actions:

  • Increase Productivity and Performance by setting-up agile ways-of-working & tools
  • Enhance Digital Services & Experience: we have defined the set of technologies to deliver an enhanced Digital Experience for B2B Clients, including their B2C engagement needs
  • Build a Digital Dream Team: we have elaborated a hiring plan serving the Digital Ambition

#Impact Anayltics

Impact Analytics: definition of Core Impact KPIs, Measurement & Reporting frameworks for PUR to become a fast-growing Data-driven organization

We ran multiple workshops involving all the business units from field to tech and project management teams, to list and prioritize KPIs as well as creating Reporting Frameworks serving all the Stakeholders. We have streamlined data flow from field to customers to achieve 4 main objectives: Measure & Track Impact, Drive Growth, Enhance Value Chain Transparency and Improve Content for Customers.
We will complete this mission with Automated Dashboards that will enable Data Driven decision making, including Client Reporting full automation.



PUR is on a mission to integrate Technology to achieve it’s impact ambitions, with a clear vision to achieve 360° Impact way beyond just “planting trees”. Its ambitions are to truely transform agriculture practices and restore Nature, and demonstrate Impact through avanced Technology Solutions & real time Data.

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Purpose: Remain Leader in Nature Regeneration

People: Sustain Farmers and their Community livelihoods, offering fair labour conditions & incremental revenues.

Planet: 100M trees, Carbon sequestration, Promotion of Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Restore Biodiversity, Soil & Water Quality
Profits: x3 growth in next 3 years
“Impact Labs has helped us to define our 3x growth strategy, defining all the required Digital Capabilities to build a data-driven organization using cutting edge Digital Technologies to increase its productivity and better serve our Clients Carbon Neutrality journey”
Tristan Lecomte

Founder, PUR Projet