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Deep Retreats – Designing a Retreat Center for the emergence of Sustainable Futures

Designing from scratch one the most Sustainable Building in Iberia to host Personal & Professional retreats to reconnect with Self, People and Nature, providing the frameworks, tools & services to let desirable Sustainable Futures emerge.

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Low Embodied Carbon Building, Nature Regeneration, Net Zero Operations, and Business Model for Positive Impact on People / Society / Planet.


Deep Retreats is a project managed by KarmaLogix, a company created for Personal & Leaders Development to achieve Sustainable Living & Business.

The goal of the Mission was to design from scratch one the most Sustainable Building in Iberia to host Personal & Professional retreats to reconnect with Self, People and Nature, providing the frameworks, tools & services to let desirable Sustainable Futures emerge.

Applying the full Impact Labs process, from Purpose design to Digitalization, most relevant Impactful solutions were selected to stay within budget.


Real Estate, Tourism, Personal Development


Individuals & Company Leaders



Transformation Mission



Engagement of the End Consumer

Impact Analysis

Impact Analytics

Simple Consumer Information & Education



Design of Front-end UX at Scale


Purpose design workshops until crystal clear

Awareness & Purpose Design workshops curated to let stakeholders understand the stakes, frame the opportunity, and express the Purpose of the company that would anchor all activities, with clear Impact in mind.


Full Building Life-Cycle Assessment, full Operations Carbon Footprinting

To minimize the building & the operations footprint, our engineers have calculated the embodied carbon and other Environmental Impact using Full Life Cycle Assessment with Eco-design specialists, carefully looking the Impact / Cost matrix to achieve maximum Impact within budget constraints.

Then the team also looked at every single aspect of Operations through precise Measurement & Optimization: from Travel to Accommodation, many choices made to optimize Impact and achieve Net Zero Carbon Operations (minimize Negative Impact, maximize Positive Impact), involving key stakeholders (clients in the first place), and impacting the Business Model.

Last, the team embedded the usage of Nature Based Solutions to compensate some of the Operations & Regenerative Agriculture to ensure sustainable Food Supply for the retreats.

#Eco-systemic Innovation

Challenging suppliers & clients to contribute to objectives

Careful analysis & selection of Sustainable Materials & Services providers, with some specific partnerships to achieve some first experiments in the Country (like first Green Concrete & Hempcrete).

Responsible Sourcing. Cascading Sustainability Objectives to suppliers.

#Impact Analytics

Using latest eco-design technology solutions

The Designers used the latest eco-design technology solutions to achieve low embodied carbon, near-zero energy and net zero operational carbon.

We supported the whole architecture & engineering teams to use Virtual Twin (Building Information Management system) integrated with LCA solution to understand holistic Impact of the building, from low carbon materials to water savings & waste management.

Also conscious arbitrage of the most relevant Tech that drive real Impact, favoring Low-Tech of even No-Tech when possible, by using careful passive Eco-Design solutions.

#Eco-systemic Innovation

Future B-Corp, Sustainable Business Model engineering

We designed with Teams a native B-Corp, with careful Sustainable Business Model engineering
that delivers Profits with Purpose, and shared value across stakeholders of the value chain.

From Top to Bottom line, understanding and designing the Sustainable P&L that create Sustainable Revenues, some decreased operating Costs because of efficiency, other increasing ones because of some Externalities integration, potentially decreased A&P, increased SG&A for better Social Impact, decreased Cost of Debt, and finally Profits with clear Purpose, with better Stakeholders Value sharing to embody the new Sustainable Economy.


First Net Zero touristic business in Portugal


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Purpose: Sustainability Lab for the emergence of Sustainable Futures

People: Personal & Leadership Development – from Introspection to Action. Scholarships for Social Inclusivity.

Planet: Sharing value with stakeholders. Scholarships for Social Inclusivity.

Profits: enable a non dilutive Transition

“ Deep Retreats has been the pilot project to test & embody the full vision of Impact Labs, and to understand the full pathway to Sustainability & Impact, from Purpose Design to the detailed engineering of the Business Model, with careful thinking of the role & limitations of Technology ”

Vincent Stuhlen

Founder, KARMALOGIX (also founder of Impact Labs)