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Edenly – Beginning a E-commerce Sustainability Journey

An introduction to our Sustainability Vision and a data-driven pathway to transformation

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Jump-start of sustainability journey


Edenly is an e-commerce retailer of jewelry based in Switzerland, since its creation 15 years ago, Edenly’s mission has been to offer the best in jewelry, at affordable prices. Now, Edenly is boosting its sustainability commitment.

This FMCG company wants to gain insight into the environmental impact of its operations, a first step in a data-driven sustainability transformation.






HQ in Switzerland

Transformation Mission



(Re)defining a sustainability purpose


360º Impact Analytics

Impact quantification through Carbon Footprint and stakeholder training 

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Sustainability Engineering

Sustainability Strategy and Communications


(Re)defining a sustainability purpose

When working with clients that specialize in the retail of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) we want to make sure that they understand the sustainability vision of Impact Labs, and of those that support a sustainability transformation in business. To do this we need good quality data that can support the decisions that ultimately will lead first to Net Zero, and subsequently to Net Positive Impact.

Edenly started a mission of solidifying the sustainability values and motivations of the company’s C-level executives and to make sure that our vision was aligned, Impact Labs conducted a seminar with all of the team. The goal was to raise awareness about climate issues and identify ways to reduce impact and to invest in compensation strategies, in a collaborative way. In this seminar, an internal person in charge of environmental impact management was assigned and the carbon footprint of the company was also explored.

All this contributed to collectively re(define) a meaningful purpose for the company, including most stakeholders in the conversation and considering and to drive impact and value creation. Without a clear purpose, a sustainability strategy can end up having marginal effect and possibly lead to greenwashing, that why Impact Labs includes the Vision pillar in our root practices.

#360º Impact Analytics

Impact Quantification

When working with Edenly, Impact Labs conducted a Carbon Footprint of Edenly’s products with the goal of accurately assessing the impact of the products from the supplier to the consumers (excluding end of life).

Carbon footprint is one of the first steps in the process of data-driven sustainable transformation, where measurement is key. Obtaining impact KPIs related to the planetary boundaries adds value and enables decision making. Edenly’s started by measuring it’s GHG Emissions, considering it’s en e-commerce company.

This process involves the creation of conservative models to deal with the lack of reliable and consistent information in other steps of the supply chain.

Training for self-sufficiency was also a part of the process, by including Edenly’s responsible for environmental impact management and using the SAMI. SAMI is a platform-as-a-service company that provides a carbon footprint and reduction plan tool, simplifying the obtention of information for the carbon footprint and its’ calculation.

#Sustainability Engineering

Defining a sustainability strategy

Once again, precise impact measurement is the foundation of sustainable business transformation. That’s where sustainability engineering comes in, with environmental footprinting and devising reduction pathways.

Impact Labs analyzed the GHG Emission reduction potential and complexity of multiple reduction actions, in order to identify their priority within Edenly’s sustainability strategy. In this case, raw materials were one of the biggest contributors to the carbon footprint. In a jewelry company, tackling the source of the product involves investing in eco-systemic innovation in recycling or laboratory production of materials such as gold and silver.

Impact Labs also devised a sustainability communications guide, focusing on creating authentic engagement with stakeholders (customers and consumers).


Initiating company-wide transformation

Using SAMI, a platform to measure you carbon footprint in a simplified and collaborative way, we were able to integrate the company in calculating their carbon footprint. All company employees were also part of a seminar and took part of a detailed explanation and visualization of the results. The carbon footprint was the first step Edenly took in their data-driven transformation, gaining insight into the impacts of their e-commerce business.

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Purpose: Solidify sustainability purpose

People: Engage stakeholders in sustainability decisions and increase awareness

Planet: Invest in recycled materials

Profits: Greener products to cater to growing environmental awareness in consumers