Science Based Reduction Pathways
Put your Company within Planetary Boundaries

From Systemic Risks to Environmental Footprinting our Environmental Engineers put together the latest data & tools to run a 360º analysis, positioning your Company against its Competition. From there, we devise for the right Reduction Pathway using the latest Science to set objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement & Materiality Analysis:

Mapping and quantifying the environmental, market & business key “material” topics, uncovering risks, understanding forces and identifying opportunities for your Company. Foundations for strategic planning that integrates Environmental and economic challenges.

Environmental Strategy & Roadmap:

Define the Environmental Strategy, key Objectives and Priorities, key Enablers (from People to Finance), and realistic multi-year Roadmap. Create the Playbook (roles, tools & content) to support Implementation and tracking of progress.


Impact Measurement, Reporting & Communications:

Collect and Report on the selected Impact KPIs & measurement Frameworks (targets, actions and KPIs) that will maximize positive Impact and value creation. Implement Reporting Automation.
Create compelling Transformation Stories that create authentic engagement with your Stakeholders (not boring regulatory stuff).

Climate Contribution & Nature Regeneration:

Contribute to Nature Net Positive Impact beyond your Supply Chain. Advising for the best way to “compensate” your Company’s “Residual Emissions” and overall Environmental Footprint and Contribute much further through Nature Based Solutions.


We work for clients who have a genuine intention to drive impact and run their business responsibly.

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BLOG: Is eCommerce Sustainable?

BLOG: Is eCommerce Sustainable?

Here we explore the sustainability of e-commerce and its impact on product distribution, comparing the GHG emissions associated with e-commerce and physical retail stores and providing insights on how to make informed decisions as a consumer. The article also discusses the importance of omnichannel in reducing direct distribution emissions and highlights how e-commerce can be an enabler for sustainability use cases.

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BLOG: What does Nature Positive Business mean?

BLOG: What does Nature Positive Business mean?

At Impact Labs, nature is the center of our actions. We aim to enact sustainable business transformation with measured significant positive impact, reshaping businesses to ultimately achieve a business model that contributes to nature regeneration. This next frontier is called nature positive business, which will be explained in this blog post.

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BLOG: Theory U of Systems Change

BLOG: Theory U of Systems Change

In today’s world, we are facing complex systems that require systemic approaches for transformation. In this post, we discuss The Theory U of systems change, a methodology to achieve a Regenerative & Eco-System Centric Operating System created by Otto Scharmer.

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NEWS: Ekimetrics, a new “Entreprise à Mission”

NEWS: Ekimetrics, a new “Entreprise à Mission”

Ekimetrics, a “Data science for a sustainable business performance” company, has recently become an “Entreprise à Mission”, a Benefit Corporation under US law, making them a sustainable leader in the tech industry. This achievement was a result of a two-year transformation process with the support of Impact Labs.

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