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Ekimetrics – AI for Sustainability at Scale

3 months Transformation Program to define internal Sustainability Strategy, to reach Net Zero faster than Industry peers, and to build a new Impact Offering to help their Clients measure and decrease their Environmental Footprint at Scale, using Data & AI.
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Potential of 100 M tons of emissions reduction or avoidance


Ekimetrics is a Data Science Consultancy leader in Europe, specialized in Marketing Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Supply Chain Optimization, and Data Science Platform Engineering. They serve Fortune 500 clients across the globe to increase their Business Performance.

The goal of our 3 months Transformation Program was to define internal Sustainability Strategy to reach Net Zero faster than Industry peers, and build a new Impact Offering to help their Clients measure and decrease their Environmental Footprint at Scale, using Data & AI.

Following the Strategic Playbook, we now support the Transformation process through an ongoing steering commitee.


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Define internal Sustainable “CSR” Strategy
Impact Analysis

Impact Analytics

Creation of a new “AI for Sustainability” offering

Business Transformation

Sustainabilization of existing offering


Best in Class CSR strategy in Tech Industry


We worked with the Taskforce team and Executive Committee to define a clear Purpose for Ekimetrics, that would originate from the company values, further define the company mission. “We empower our Clients with Data Science & AI to drive their Sustainable Transformation in every Business Units and achieve Impact @ Scale to meet their Net Zero targets”.

With the development of new Client offerings in Carbon Measurement & Reduction, it was obvious for Ekimetrics to measure its own footprint, and establish an ambitious reduction pathway to reach Net Zero ahead of the Consulting & Tech industry that is aiming at 2030. The process allowed them to develop critical knowledge for their Clients.

Last, becoming a B-Corp was also a logical conclusion of the process, evaluating the 5 key dimensions of Sustainability for Ekimetrics: Purpose & Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. The process helped to maximise the already good scoring on most dimensions.

#Impact Analytics

Sustainabilization of existing Core offering


As a leader in Data Science applied to Marketing & Customer Intelligence, as well as Supply Chain Optimisation, Data Science Platform Engineering, we ran several workshops with teams to look at how to integrate Sustainability in Ekimetrics existing practices.

We developed Green Customer Intelligence, allowing Companies to better understand the needs & wants of their Clients. Further integrated Carbon as an optimization constraint for the Supply Chain Optimization, for instance for last mile delivery, with efficiency gains of up to 20%. Enhanced Demand Forecasting to avoid up to 20% wastage for some categories. And last, we co-developed Marketing Intelligence to help Companies optimise their Marketing Mix to substitute sales of classic Products with Greener ones, understanding the ROI of Sustainable Transition.

#Business Transformation

Creation of a new “AI for Sustainability” offering


We supported the development of a double Technology & Service offering: Impact Data Science Platform for automated Impact Measurement, and ESG Intelligence, to help Companies better understand the Climate Risk, the related Financial Risk on their Assets, and help them navigate their Sustainable Business Transformation, for instance by optimizing the Footprint of their Real Estate assets… and the economics of such Transformation. After careful Market & Competition analysis, we have advised for the right “Make or Buy” strategy to achieve maximum Impact with maximum effectiveness, leveraging existing players of the Impact ecosystem when relevant.


Million tons of emission reductions or avoidance at scale


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Purpose: Becoming a leader in AI for Sustainability, certified as a B-Corp
People: Positive Impact on Employees & Clients who adhere to new Purpose

Planet: Carbon Net Zero Operation by 2030, aiming at reducing or avoiding millions tons of CO2 with their Clients in the years to come.

Society: Probono missions and Open Sourcing of Data & Code for common Good

“Impact Labs has helped us to define a clear internal Sustainability Strategy and then define a brand new Client Offering that will help us drive positive Impact within our Clients portfolio, with C-Level Sustainable Transformation Intelligence.”

Francois Poitrine

Founder & COO, Ekimetrics