Marine Utgé-Royo


Green Tech, Sustainable Urban Development, Nature-Based Solutions, Remote sensing, Ecosystemic Innovation


15 years in Social & Environmental Impact, incl. 4 years as an AI Green Tech Founder.

Personal Impact

Humbly working my way toward frugality (reducing meat, clothes, energy…) and convincing people around me to follow the move, by creating new happy narratives.

Business Impact

Convincing large and medium organizations to adopt new tools & models concretely enabling their environmental footprint reduction (less waste, less energy, less material…).


Study the psychological mechanisms behind human behavior and leverage it for Positive Impact.

Marine Utgé-Royo

Marine Utgé-Royo

Co-Founder – Head of Innovation

Marines is Co-founder & head of innovation

Marine started her career in international cooperation, coordinating social & environmental impact programs in France, Latin America (Argentina, Colombia) & Africa (Equatorial Guinea). In charge of the green tech portfolio at the French Ministry of Foreign Affair during 4 years, she supported the international expansion of dozens of companies worldwide, leveraging public funding, market intelligence and flagship projects. Her institutional career led her to work on multiple sustainable development approaches, from social business to microfinance (Grameen Bank) and circular economy.

In 2017, eager to embrace a more hands-on approach, Marine cofounded the green tech startup Tesselo in Portugal. Combining open satellite imagery, AI and environmental science, Tesselo delivers cutting-edge analytics on natural resources large-scale planning, environmental risks and land use-based carbon strategy.

With a background in international economics & social sciences, Marine is convinced that private companies hold the cards to shape new production and consumption models. Co-founding Impact Labs is going one step further toward systemic transformation: tech has to go hand-in-hand with a strategy embarking all the stakeholders to be a change enabler.
Marine brings her knowledge of “tech for good”, with a focus on nature-based solutions for carbon and natural resources management, as well as a holistic vision of sustainable development rooted in a profound sense of common goods preservation.