Julien Devaureix


Systemic and creative thinking, world issues and foresight, communication, Sustainability Strategy, Digital transformation


15 years in Business Transformation. 4 years of investigation on macro-level issues.

Personal Impact

Making thousands of individual discovering new ideas than sometimes to concrete change.

Business Impact

Aiming at igniting collective intelligence leading to innovative solutions to complex issues.


Understanding the macro-trends at play and applying finding to real life situations.

Julien Devaureix

Julien Devaureix

Co-Founder – Head of Research

Julien is Co-Founder & Head of Research

Julien spent the past 15 years working for international organizations to help them make sense of the digital revolution and adapt to it. He worked for Club Med, Chanel, Burberry and LVMH, leading projects involving multiple departments in order to shift the strategy toward a more digital-sawy approach. While a consultant at Publicis, based in Paris and then Hong Kong, he helped clients better understand a fast shifting environment, build new strategies and implement it.
Julien spent 7 years in Asia, based in Hong Kong, and 1 year in Brazil. He has extensive experience working in a multicultural environment.
Julien’s curiosity and passion for forward thinking led him to start an investigation about the big challenges of our time : climate and environmental crisis, exponential technologies, resources and energy constraints, and cultural changes. He created the podcast Sismique in 2018 after having taken a break for 18 months to train himself on system thinking.

In his podcast that is listened by nearly 100k people a month, he interviews renowned experts, activists, business leaders, philosophers and cultural analysts trying to make sense of what is really at stake today. Julien keeps an open minded approach, convinced that in a complex world, it’s important to find out the right questions before searching for answers and shortcuts.
Sustainability is one of the core topics he has been investigating since he identified it to be one of the central issues of our times.

Julien has been working for 2 years with company boards and operational teams (mostly giving conferences and holding workshops) to help them truly navigate the complexity of a fast shifting strategic environment.

Julien’s first book will be published in January 2023. Based on his investigation, it’s proposing an approach to better understand the roots of current dynamics and anticipate what may come.