Sustainability Strategy, Digital & Data Transformation, Innovation Management, Business Transformation


3 years of Data Science and Business Transformation, 1 year of Applied Mechanics

Personal Impact

Carbon footprint reduction, by removing meats from diet, using bike for daily travels, and choosing closer vacation’s destination accessible by train or bus

Business Impact

Aiming at supporting reduction of 100 millions Tons CO2e by 2030.


Making a low-carbon lifestyle desirable for people

Grégoire Lepault

Grégoire Lepault

Associate – Head of Technology & Data

Grégoire is head of technology and data

Grégoire Lepault has been working 3 years at eleven strategy, a consulting company specializing in Digital & Data transformation. His dual role as both a strategy consultant and a data scientist enabled him to work on business projects such as Due Diligence in the advertising industry and technological projects, using machine learning, computer vision and predictive maintenance. He has notably contributed to develop, for a CAC 40 construction company, an AI program: an in-house start-up incubator specializing in data science projects.

From an academic perspective, Grégoire graduated from both Ecole polytechnique and ISAE-Supaero, specializing in mechanical engineering and data science. During his studies, he has been working for both Zodiac Aerospace (Safran) and Michelin.

In the past years, Grégoire has started a shift towards ecological issues, considering inaction was no longer an option. This shift has been materialized by both personal and professional actions. He started to learn more and more about the subject, became an animator of the “Fresque du Climat”, and is involved in a “Data For Good” project called QuotaClimat that measures the representativeness of environmental subjects in TV and Radio media. He also had the opportunity to be trained on Carbon Footprint (“Formation Bilan Carbone”) from the Institut de Formation Carbone (methodology developed by French Environment and Energy Management Agency: ADEME) and has applied the methodology to measure the carbon footprint of his former company.

Grégoire has joined Impact Labs as the Head of Technology & Data to help companies in their ecological transformation on both their strategy (with the definition of a new business model for example) and their operations (with data driven processes adapted to the use for example).