Elisa Gomez Gonzalez


Sustainability Strategy, Stakeholder Engagement, Materiality, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Certifications & Standards


10 Years as Sustainability and CSR Expert, Consultant & Director

Personal Impact

Striving to live as sustainable as possible, from living to consuming.

Business Impact

Effectively embedding transformative sustainability strategies for businesses.


Sustainable travel, outdoor sports & nature


Elisa Gomez Gonzalez

Sustainability Strategist for Impact

Elisa is a Sustainability Strategist for Impact 

Her professional journey started off by working within International companies such as Repsol, CEMEX and AMPLEXOR helping them leverage their sustainability and compliance efforts into effective actionable processes, procedures and management systems.

  • Launched sustainability strategy enabling AMPLEXOR Internationals’ achievement of Silver Ecovadis rating and UNGC certification. Ensured the successful certification for three years in a row of AMPLEXOR International entities in France, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, India and China on ISO 9001, ISO45000, ISO14001, SA8000 & ISO26000.
  • Led stakeholder engagement across 26 countries during time at CEMEX, identifying significant sustainability issues through dissemination of 11 000 surveys to clients, suppliers, community leaders, and governments across five operating regions.

She then decided to work on more purpose driven and impactful projects and so launched her own consulting firm Better Together a Sustainability Consulting company focused on implementing innovative, effective and impactful sustainability strategies. Where she developed a unique process of sustainability implementation which is simple, understandable, effective and applicable to all types of companies.

  • Reached to positively impact more than 100,000 people through sustainability and communication strategies addressed to maximize added value amongst the society, economy and environment, which enabled Better Together to effectively onboard and maintain international company contracts (Sprinklr, Unilever, IKEA, EOI, Aethon…) and SMEs contracts (Fellgroup, ASA, Masader, Arcler, Charter).

Elisa has also Published technical books on sustainability and spreads her knowledge to students.

  • Provided Master Program Lectures for more than 5 years (100 students) and internal company training on sustainability topics (+5000 employees).
  • Authored multiple books on Sustainability Implementation, encompassing wide array of sectors and practical sustainability applications, and contributed articles to Conscious Connections Magazine.