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Zoom on Sustainability Management

In the last 5 years, stakeholders as a whole have become more knowledgeable and more demanding towards Sustainability management. On the technology front, numerous companies are developing solutions to project manage and report on sustainability data easily and effectively  (from $905 million in 2021 to over $4.3 billion in 2027 at a 30% CACR). 

Not only are new players emerging but big corporations with decades of knowledge on foundational ESG measures, like Sphera and Enablon, are also developing their own specific tech solutions addressing the entire sustainability implementation process.

At Impact Labs, we are keen on continuously researching and analyzing the Tech market to provide you with valuable insights on a range of features. Backed by our expert team of sustainability analysts and consultants we have screened, tried out and analyzed more than 20 technology solutions in the last year.

Download the full document below, to access the complete list and evaluation of the Top 5 companies within this category

The tech radar for your business interests

The Impact Labs’ Tech Radar goes beyond merely identifying technologies; it helps you align these solutions with your specific company challenges. Impact Labs has deep industry knowledge of the features, capacity, and maturity of technology through the comprehensive analysis and research of the sustainability market.
Impact Labs can provide you with a complete assessment of your company’s actionable areas and conduct Requests for Proposals (RFPs) tailored to your sustainability needs.
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