Branislav Peric: WITH Group Managing Director. 20 years of experience. Dual career at L’Oréal and in digital agencies, technology-driven leader with expertise spanning the realms of web and mobile, social marketing, e-commerce, and China. Specializing in adapting to evolving company needs: recruiting internal experts with specific skills.

Grégoire Lepault: Associate at ImpactLabs.earth, head of the Impact Data & Analytics Practice. 5 years of experience combining business strategy with Data & Analytics, expert in Carbon Footprinting and Supply Chain Impact assessment.

Vincent Stuhlen: Founder & CEO of ImpactLabs.earth. 20 years in Digital & Data Transformation, both launching Start-ups and transforming Fortune 100 Corporations like L’Oréal and Levi’s, now focusing since 2019 on Sustainable Business Transformation through Digital Technologies, Innovation & Data.

Thibauld Berly: Advisor at ImpactLabs.earth. Digital marketing leader with 15 years of international experience in driving business transformation both on agency and corporate.

While the e-commerce footprint is lower than traditional retail, e-commerce is also a window to extend positive impact across the value chain, from product to consumer engagement.

E-commerce emissions are half the emissions of brick-and-mortar retail.
Half of e-commerce emissions come from delivery, if you decarbonize your delivery you’ve gone a long way already. There are many options available: from local fulfilment centres and zero-emissions delivery to slow shipping and grouped delivery. For example, there is the DHL gogreen initiative. 
Even if emissions are less significant, you can monitor and reduce your footprint with solutions like Footsprint.

E-Commerce can be a driver of sustainable practices across the organisation:

  • Digital tracking of product to increase recyclability ( like Digimarc or Kezzler)
  • Showcasing of supply chain transparency like what JACK WOLFSKIN did on their website
  • AI-based return management solutions (returns are 3 times higher in e-commerce vs retail).
  • Leverage on-the-shelf Circularity-as-a-service solutions (ReflauntRecurate for examples)
  • Engage your consumers in your sustainable journey (with Shopify Planet or Handprint)

You can find details on these use cases and more in the replay of our webinar! 

#REBOOT Business #11 with Marie Ekeland

#REBOOT Business #11 with Marie Ekeland

Il est nécessaire de réinventer nos modèles économiques et d’investissement pour concilier profit, croissance économique et transition écologique, en mettant en avant une approche systémique et holistique pour répondre aux urgences écologiques et sociales.