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What are the key technologies that can help you reduce your negative impact?
Which tools are particularly good at which step of your value chain?
Beyond Climate Change, what planetary boundary is a priority for your business?
And, if you are a sustainable tech company, who are your competitors?

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The need for a TECH RADAR

In today’s business environment, we are witnessing an increase in innovative technologies to tackle climate change mitigation and adaptation issues. There is a clear acceleration in the adoption of sustainability solutions by industry leaders, enabling the next wave of sustainable transformation. Understanding the available technologies given the current climate landscape allows businesses to define robust sustainability strategies, and to move away from Business-as-usual, accelerating to the next phase of sustainable company growth.

At Impact Labs.Earth, we believe that frugality and changes in our way of living and consuming are essential to build Nature Positive Businesses. We also believe that technology can be instrumental in increasing the potential of impact companies and in accelerating the transformation of traditional businesses.



The Digital4Impact Tech Radar is curated by scanning the horizon to identify emerging technologies and their capabilities across all stages of the sustainability value chain. Our purpose is not to provide an oversimplification of complex systems, but to share our expertise obtained through our business transformation consulting experience. Our in-depth tailored insights empower your decision-making processes with accurate and relevant information. Having high-quality sustainability requirements is the first step to transgress Business-As-Usual, followed by choosing suitable methodologies and technologies that allow at-scale impact.

The Digital4Impact Tech Radar is the map to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital technologies that are driving sustainability.

Our Methodology



We continually scout the tech landscape for emerging solutions

Impact Analysis


We rigorously analyze these technologies, considering their sustainability impact and market viability



We provide you with detailed tailored RFPs, enabling you to further explore the suggested solutions 

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Stay tuned for our upcoming Digital4Impact Deep Dives

The next release, in December, will be focused on Remote Sensing Technologies

Remote sensing technologies have been useful and effective in assessing and monitoring various nature conservation practices. Different satellite- and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles- derived multispectral and hyperspectral data have been coupled with statistical, machine learning algorithms and biophysical models to classify images and provide relevant insights about the impact of anthropogenic activities.


The tech radar for your business interests

The Impact Labs’ Tech Radar goes beyond merely identifying technologies; it helps you align these solutions with your specific company challenges. Impact Labs has deep industry knowledge of the features, capacity, and maturity of technology through the comprehensive analysis and research of the sustainability market.
Impact Labs can provide you with a complete assessment of your company’s actionable areas and conduct Requests for Proposals (RFPs) tailored to your sustainability needs.
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